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Stelian Derenne


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I'm a multi instrumentalist composer, based in Belgium.
My first contact with music was through involvement with electronic element of composition, as well as other sampling production tools.
Inspired by many movie soundtracks, digging into a more orchestral approach to music gave me some new grounds in which I hoped to grow to be a more 'conventional' composer, and also gave me a great deal of new fields in which exercising my passion.
Now, mixing both approach with some other more modern techniques makes it hard to get out of inspiration.
I'm often confronted to graphical works and workers, and share a great appreciation for it. Therefore, working in relation with that world rarely makes it feel like work, something you'll feel in my contribuation to your project.

I also work as an independent composer artist, some of my personal work has had the chance to get on various video production, part of this work you'll find under one of my alias "The8thstep".

Music, as always been about technology, and just like the VFX world, it's a small one that I tend to follow really closely, which is my way to let you know that I definitely know how to do that "whouhmom" bass that you've just heard in that Dubstep song, as well as that tender Piano melody that you can't get out your head.
Then again, the work presented on this website talks for itself, and I hope that you'll find what you're looking for.
After which you might want to contact me and discuss your project, ask for rates, or any other question you might have,

Till soon,
Stélian Derenne


I provide you with a professional look and an inspired ear to your audio ideas and suggestions.
I'll also be providing the production know how to bring the best out of both brains.
I'm equipped with some of the best audio production tools available in order to bring the greatest authenticity to your work.

More than a lover of sound and music, I'm an experienced composer.
Capable of giving a real character to your project.
Developing a charismatic melody, or any particularity required in order for your project to be singled out and benefiting of a real audio signature.
Either it be an orchestral piece, or an uplifting electronical one, they'll be fitted and though through.

In need of someone to get the best out of your recordings?
Adding some color to your own musical projects? Bring your mix to the next level.
We'll take the time to understand and challenge your expectations and bring your songs to the fullest of their potentials.

Give your media the best suited musical composition by having it "taylor made".
From short advert/film to long documentaries.
From orchestral to electronical music.
Have it your way and add to the emotional or dynamical impact of the images their musical equivalent by having me compose an original soundtrack for your footage or spectacle.

Sometimes, the actual sound isn't enough, or sometimes nonexistent.
In each case, a good sound design will always add the necessary touch to your film or animation.
Going from scratch and bring your 3D animation to life or just adding some subtle or unrealistic sound to your footage and give it the authenticity it deserves.

Once provided with the music, actual footage sound and sound design, you can count on me to mix them together and stay available all the way trough your video editing process.

Musical editing is a particular service I'm putting together in order to provide you with an "in between" solution to your musical synchronization needs.
Instead of composing a song fully taylor made, or having you going to an online library and be stuck with an edit you won't be able to work around.
I've put together an entire catalog of songs, listed by genre, that I personally hold all the rights to being their composer and for which I can go back in the composition process and see it be fitting your video/performance the way a taylor made song would have.
My Library

Are you currently working on a song/branding theme and would like to have it written, but would need the help of an experienced musician to hold it all together?
I speak the language of music but also the one of poetry, English or French, let me either coach you on your own material or come up with the entire lyrical content of your song/brand.

You re currently working on a project but would need the help of someone with a different background or technical skills to bring it where you want it to be?
Let's work together and get it where it needs to be.
Having a project finished is a long process and is made a lot easier by having someone with the experience on the various steps following you and making sure it all goes smoothly.
Either it be on the musical/composition aspect, the post-production/publishing or the more legal sides of things.

Making the world a better place on a tight budget?
Let me help you get there.
If your NGO, private association,... is in need of some help audio wise but can't afford it, let me know about it, we'll manage to get the work done and get some partnership going.


Choose from the list of genres below, the song that would fit your media the best and have it reworked, remixed your way and synchronised to your video/performance.

Electronic &

Trip Hop &

Piano Solo &

Orchestral &


Experimental &

Dynamic &

Easy Listening &

Mellow & Dynamic

Drum & Bass
Fast & Dynamic


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